M a n i c u r e s

P o l i s h  c h a n g e  $ 1 0+

Stop in and switch up the color on your hands. 


M i n i  M a n i c u r e $ 1 7+

Get straight to the point with this shortened manicure service. In this you will receive all your nail work including cuticle work and nail shaping. As well as your paint job of course. 

F u l l  M a n i c u r e  $ 2 5

This manicure will include an exfoliating scrub, relaxing hand and arm massage, and your nail work including shaping and cuticle work. Finish off with your OPI polish of choice.


S h e l l a c  M a n i c u r e  $ 4 0 +

Your shellac manicure will include cuticle work, shaping and your choice of CND or OPI shellac/gel polishes and finish off with a relaxing hand and arm massage. This "ready-to-go" manicure is dry as soon as its finished. No smudge, no worries!


A d d  O n s :

Paraffin +$10


French Polish $10

P e d i c u r e s


P o l i s h  c h a n g e  o n  t o e s  $ 1 5 +

Swing through the salon and change up that polish color on your toes. 


M i n i  P e d i c u r e $35+

This shortened pedicure service is going to have everything you need. Including your soak time, buffing, exfoliating scrub, nail shaping & cuticle work, short massage and the paint job. 


F u l l  P e d i c u r e  $ 5 0 +

Treat yourself to our full service pedicure. This is going to include; your soak time, buffing, exfoliating scrub, hydrating foot mask and hot towel, nail shaping and cuticle work, relaxing massage and your choice of OPI polish to finish. 


S h e l l a c  P e d i c u r e  $ 5 8 +

This pedicure includes everything you would receive in our full pedicure, but using that "ready-to-go" shellac/gel polish you love. Choose from any of our OPI and CND options.