Known as "traditional massage". Using a combination of kneading, rolling, vibrational, percussive, and tapping movements to manipulate the soft tissues of the body.


30 minute Swedish massage: 50+

60 minute Swedish massage: $80+

90 minute Swedish massage: $110+


Recommended for most guests, this treatment is best for those experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort in any area of the body. Pressure of this massage depends on guest need and tolerance. 


30 minute $55 +

60 minute $88+

90 minute $121+



Enhance your massage experience and melt away tension.


C u p p i n g $20

Incorporating cupping into your massage in order to relieve the muscle pain and encourage blood flow 


Massage Gun $20+

Begin your massage with an all over body treatment using a massage gun. Great for those experiencing tense muscle pain due to exercise or sports. The massage gun helps to relax muscles in order to achieve your best possible massage. 

R u n n e r s  T r e a t m e n t $60

A service that incorporates many massage tools in order to achieve desired pain relief. A lower body focused treatment, this service is best for those with frequent and intense work out routines as well as athletes. 

R E L A X A T I O N   M A S S A G E 

t h e r a p e u t i c  m a s s a g e



F a c i a l s


E u r o p e a n  F a c i a l 

Each treatment is customized based on your specific skin care needs. Treat yourself to our full facial incorporating relaxing massage and tailored-to-you skin care products. Otherwise, enjoy our mini option and focusing solely on skin care needs.

H o u r  f a c i a l $70+

M i n i  Facial $50+



Salt Glow

A salt based scrub to provide a gentle yet effective exfoliating experience that sheds away dead skin cells. You will leave this treatment with silkier, vibrant skin. 


Nourishing Mud Wrap

This treatment helps the body hydrate, relax, and sooth tense muscles.


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